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Ceramic Dispenser Bottles

HUACI Ceramic dispenser bottles are made of high quality ceramics and we offer ceramic bathroom set in different shapes and sizes. The ceramic kitchen soap dispenser has a beautiful appearance, these ceramic dispenser bottles can be used as a lotion ceramic container or as a charming decoration.

The rough ceramic bottom keeps the soap dispenser stable and non-slip, making it suitable for placement in kitchens and bathrooms.

The white and black kitchen soap dispensers work perfectly with every room decor and will be a great choice for most homes. It can be reused and refilled.

Ceramic Dispenser Bottles Supplier

HUACI Ceramic is a ceramic products manufacturer, we provide various styles of ceramic lotion bottles and pump heads.

The durable soap dispenser has a glossy finish that is extremely durable and resistant to corrosion, stains, rust and odors. It works best in humid environments.

The dispenser pump is easy to install into the removable pump head and wide opening.

Ceramic Bathroom Set Wholesale

HUACI Ceramic is a professional manufacturer of ceramic bathroom sets, we provide various styles of four piece ceramic bathroom set.

Stylish bathroom accessories set with 1 slot for toothbrush holder, 1 ceramic mug, 1 lotion dispenser with pump and 1 soap dish. The unique ceramic bathroom set will add a new sense of style to your bathroom or kitchen.

The 4 Pcs Ceramic Bathroom Set is great containers for body wash, hand sanitizer, soap, and toothbrushes. The smooth ceramic material is easy to clean without worrying about stains.