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HUACI Ceramics Factory is a ceramic factory located in Liling City. Chaozhou is famous overseas for its ceramics and has a long history. On one hand, our factory has the geographical advantage of making ceramics. On the other hand, we have many years of experience in ceramics. Our factory has been specializing in ceramic products for many years.

HUACI Ceramics Factory has worked in the ceramic industry since 2017. Our main products are Ceramic Mugs, Ceramic Soup Pots, Ceramic Plates, Ceramic Bowls, Ceramic Candle Holders, Food Storage Containers, Ceramic Bathroom Sets, Ceramic Flower Pots, and so on.

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HUACI Ceramics Factory

Best Ceramic Dinnerware Manufacturer
Colorful Ceramic Dinnerware Sets

HUACI Ceramics devote ourselves to having a long-term development in China and serving global consumers. With the development of our business, we start to expand overseas business these years.

We have a complete and scientific management system in product design, mold, production, and sales. We have received recognition from the social public by guaranteeing product quality and after-sales service. Better service to consumers is always the principle that we follow. We welcome business friends all over the world to visit our company to negotiate and guide business.

Custom Ceramic Bowl
Custom Ceramic Tableware

HUACI Ceramic factory produces ceramic cups, ceramic tableware, high-end gift ceramics. There are many tableware produced by our factory, and the styles are the most novel and fashionable. The high-quality ceramic cups and tableware are suitable for business gifts and corporate welfare gifts.

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