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Ceramic Tea Cup

Each ceramic tea cup is unique and fired at a high temperature, the glaze color develops naturally. Every texture is constantly changing and different. This tea cup adopts a classic design style with smooth lines and full color, which brings visual beauty and special touch to tea lovers.

150ml Pink Ceramic Tea Cup

Model Number: TYZCM06789

Capacity: 110ml, 150ml

Size: 6.5*6cm, 7.1*7.5cm

Color: White, Pink, Yellow, Blue

Material: Ceramic

Each ceramic tea cup has its own pattern and color, and no two cups are alike. These personalized mugs are suitable for home and office use.

Ceramic Tea Cup No Handle

Exquisite workmanship, beautiful lines, smooth surface, easy to clean. Suitable for a variety of dining environments.

After firing at a high temperature, the glaze color is formed naturally. The bottom of the cup is polished and smooth, and the mouth of the cup is round and delicate.

Holds hot and cold drinks, can be microwaved, dishwasher safe, and durable.

The mouth of the ceramic cup is round and delicate, and the glaze color is lustrous and shiny. The glaze color and pattern of the cup noodles are ever-changing.

The bottom of the pottery cups is polished by hand to be smooth and flat, and will not scratch the tabletop.

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