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Kitchen Ceramic Jars

The kitchen ceramic jars adopt golf ball shape design, they are the best ceramic storage jars for serving sugar, salt, spices, pepper, chili, dried herbs and more. Each spice container comes with a small spoon for easy access to sugar or other condiments. The ceramic tray has exquisite golden bold handles, which are comfortable to hold, easy to take and hold, and the color is bright and not easy to fade.

Ceramic Spice Jar Set

Model Number: TYZ32

Capacity: 250ml

Material: Ceramic

Color: White, White, Pink

Shape: Round

Size: 8.5*8cm

We offer kitchen ceramic jars with lids in three different colors: white, pink and green. Each kitchen ceramic jar has a base tray in the same color, which keeps your kitchen organized without taking up too much space.

The ceramic kitchen canister is made of high-quality ceramics, artificial surface polishing technology, and has a stylish appearance. The top of the ceramic lid, the rim of the ceramic jar and the tray are embellished with gold trim, adding a touch of European luxury. Each ceramic kitchen jar comes with individual spoons, and the lids have perfect spoon grooves.

Kitchen Ceramic Jars With Lids Wholesale

HUACI Ceramic is a manufacturer of ceramic jars, we offer square ceramic jars and round spice jars. They are made of high quality ceramics with exquisite workmanship.

The edge of the kitchen ceramic jar is painted with gold, and the lines are smooth. The fullness of gold enhances the style of the home. The round kitchen ceramic jars is designed in the shape of a golf ball, which is practical and beautiful.

The storage seasoning jars with trays are neatly arranged and organized. Each ceramic seasoning jar is individually matched with a small spoon, which can be taken separately, without the smell. The spoon is the right size and can be used in moderation.

The gold-painted cover is sealed clean and dustproof, and the smooth glazed surface is easy to clean. The ceramic tray is designed with grooves to prevent the ceramic jar from slipping. The golden stainless steel handle is beautiful and easy to store.

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