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Decorative Ceramic Jars With Lids

The decorative ceramic jars with lids feature beautiful patterns. These beautiful jars can be used as kitchen storage jars, perfect for cookies, snacks, coffee beans, candy and more. They can also be used as a vase ornament. We have two sizes to choose from.

Round Ceramic Jars With Lids

Model Number: TYZ-TP005

Capacity: 0.5-1L

Material: Ceramic

Shape: round

Technology: Decal

Size: 13*20cm, 16*23cm

These decorative ceramic jars with lids adopt decal technique. This ceramic storage jar is hand-painted gold, luxurious and minimalist, with a Nordic style. The decals on this ceramic jar are all underglaze, resistant to heat, corrosion and scratches.

The ceramic kitchen canister has a smooth mouth, a non-slip pad on the bottom, and a crystal ball on the top of the ceramic lid, which is impressive. These decorative ceramic jars with lids are perfect for storing food. The modern ceramic jars will be a chic addition to your kitchen, pantry or room.

Decorative Ceramic Jars With Lids Wholesale

HUACI Ceramic is a ceramic products manufacturer, we offer wholesale the decorative ceramic jars with lids in different patterns. These beautiful decorative jars are made of ceramic and are sleek and elegant. Beautifully painted and finely crafted, this ceramic jar can be used as a vase, as well as a tea jar, food storage jar.

This ceramic storage container features a beautiful pattern and comes with a round lid with a ball handle. This decorative ceramic canister with glossy finish can be collected as a work of art. It is suitable for various occasions such as living room, office, meeting room, study and gift giving.

The ceramic storage jars are beautifully made and colorful. The pattern design of ceramic jars can be produced according to customer requirements.

Ceramic jars can not only be used as kitchen storage containers, but also as home decoration. Decorative ceramic jars with lids have many uses. They are practical, beautiful, non-deformation, non-discoloring, exquisite workmanship, and highly collectible.

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