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Ceramic Tea Jar

Ceramic Tea Jar is the best ceramic tea coffee sugar canister. It is made of high-quality ceramics, healthy and non-toxic. The lid is tightly connected with the ceramic jar, which can effectively prevent air from entering and keep the food dry. Ceramic storage jar with tassel for easy opening of the lid.

500ml Ceramic Tea Jar

Model Number: TYZ-TP002

Capacity: 500ml

Material: Ceramic

Shape: round

Size: 10.5*10cm

Color: White, Yellow, Green, Red, Blue

We offer portable kiln-change sealed canisters in a variety of colors.

Ceramic food storage jars are sealed by rotating the lid while pressing. It creates an airtight environment, keeps contents dry, and keeps ingredients fresh and safe. Ceramic storage canisters can be used to store tea, coffee, scented tea, peanuts, medicinal materials, oatmeal, sugar, etc.

Ceramic Tea Jar Features

The ceramic jars are delicate in porcelain and good in glaze texture, exuding the noble temperament of aristocrats.

The portable kiln-change sealed jar is designed with a tassel rope cover button, which is antique, warm and delicate, and beautiful and decent.

Ceramic tea coffee sugar canisters have a round mouth and good size to fit the lid. The jar cover is wrapped with non-woven fabric, which has good sealing performance and is effectively moisture-proof and moisture-proof.

The surface of the ceramic tea jar is simple and elegant, the kiln is glazed, and the texture is natural, which outlines a painting rich in artistic conception.

The bottom of the ceramic tea canister is smooth.

HUACI Ceramics can also customize ceramic products according to customers�needs.

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